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Musician/DJ Application

Please fill out this form to tell us more about yourself and your music to be considered for upcoming events. We reserve 1-2 spots to showcase new talent every event!

As a DJ with us, you'll unlock exclusive benefits:

  • Exclusive Musicians Group Chat: Connect directly with other DJs/Producers, share ideas, collaborate on projects, and build lasting connections.

  • Expert Support Network: Get help and advice from experienced members whenever you need it.

  • Social Media Boost: Get your music promoted on our social media platforms, reaching a wider audience and growing your fanbase.

While we're expanding to other locations in the future, gigs will primarily be in Southern California for now.

Artist Information

Music Samples

Event Performace

Are you comfortable performing for a variety of audiences and event types?
Would you be willing to play shows on commision basis (15-20% per Ticket Sold Using your Promo Code)

Availability & Preferences

Are you available for travel, if necessary?
Upload File

We appreciate you taking the time to apply!

We will review your application and be in touch shortly.

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